Set your sails, pretty.

If there is one thing I’m great at, it’s imagining.

I am the biggest day dreamer I know. I lay back and think about all of the incredible things that I wish to do. I have thought about what it would be like to travel the world, or support a child in need. I’ve pondered about writing a book, becoming more fit, or starting a business. I’ve even dreamt of the simple things…such as being a wonderful cook, (which my boyfriend, Mark, would very much appreciate).

Although basking in your dreams is comfortable, you don’t want to dwell there.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have done NONE of those things. Instead, I have gotten so comfortable in my little thoughts that actually pursing them has yet to happen. We all have incredible ideas and hidden talents! I don’t care how old you are, if you have dreams you’re already on the right track. We all hear people say ” but this is the reality “. Your dreams CAN and WILL become your reality if you try hard enough.

There are undesirable outcomes from staying in the daydreaming and imaging stage.

Even though daydreaming and imaging is exciting and exhilarating, it can make you sad. I know it does for me. When I think about all the things I wish I did I begin to look down upon myself and feel like a failure. There is no reason to feel that way, however it tends to be difficult to avoid. Seeing all your friends living your dreams can be a hard scene to watch. Be patient. We all travel at our own speed. That’s why there’s a passing lane (;

Enough of the sadness – let’s get happy!

Now, if you are still reading this you must relate with me, you’re a dreamer too. So, on that note let’s all make sure our dreams are actually attainable. No, you will never become a princess on your own, and you can’t live in the ocean with dolphins. I am sorry to tell you that if your dream is to become a world renown pop star and you can’t sing… it probably won’t happen either… but who knows, who am I to judge.

So what are the steps?

1. Choose your dream to pursue

2. Research – Grab your latte and take a seat. Take the time to do research on your topic. What will your limitations be? How much will this cost? How much time will this take out of your day/year? What do you need to do to kick start this?

3. Digest – Take all the information you gathered and digest it. Review the information, and possibly do some more research so you don’t approach any surprises.

4. Plan – Okay, now you’re really ready to make an indent in your new project! Take all the information you gathered and set up your plan. What is the best way to go about this dream? What is the timeline you will use? How much do you need to save?

5. Phone a friend – Who is that one person in your life that supports you and always give their honest opinion? Meet up with them and run your plan by them, see if they have any other suggestions.

6. Do it!! – Pursue it. Take on your dream head on.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes a awhile before you are successful. Success takes time.

I can’t tell you all to listen to me if I don’t follow my own advice. So, I will be picking out one of my dreams and starting the process. I would love to hear your dreams and how you plan to achieve them! Let’s do this together. So come on…

set your sails, pretty.




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