Beauty Tip: Are you doing these things to cause premature wrinkles?

Giving yourself premature wrinkles is a big no no.

 Over the past few months I have really been trying to take care of my skin. Specifically, avoid premature wrinkles anyway that I can. I am still doing my own research on ways to avoid this, but I have listed a few of the BIGGEST things to avoid (in my opinion). Let me know if you have any other tips!!

1. Anti Aging cream

Okay, so they come with age.. that’s a given. But I highly recommend starting to use an anti aging cream at a young age. I use one by Estee Lauder… it’s safe to say I’m completely obsessed. They can be on the pricer side but there are SO many types that I’m positive you can find one in your budget. Also, they are worth it! As a 22 year old, every girl around me looks flawless on the regular… but I want to make sure I’m still 50 and flawless, you feel me?

2. How are you applying your eyeliner?

This is something I find that almost EVERY girl is doing wrong. When you are applying your eyeliner it is crucial that you are not tugging on your eyelid, or anywhere around it.

Do the motion of putting on your eyeliner. Are you putting one of your fingers on the edge of your lid and pulling it out to make a clean line? Are you pulling up right beneath your eyebrow to make your eyelid more stiff? If so STOP!


By doing that you are causing wrinkles to begin forming. Pushing or pulling anywhere around your eyes is not a good idea if you are planning on being wrinkle free. Reason being is that your skin is very thin around your eye, causing it to damage more easily.

3. Tanning

You know that annoying lesson that your mom gives to you about using a tanning bed? I’m about to give you the same one..:P Now, I would be lying if I said I never used one. However, I am so anti tanning beds now that I would rather eat a jar of live worms than get in one again. If the whole idea of skin cancer doesn’t bother you then maybe wrinkles will. You know those women that look sweaty and leathery all the time? You may want to introduce yourself because that’s you in the future. I used one for a few weeks once and I already saw wrinkles on my hands!!

There are plenty of other options to get that tan look. Try spray tanning, or lotions.

4. Pursing your lips

All you ladies know what I’m talking about..”the duck face” we could call it. Guess what? That’s causing wrinkles too! Ugh. We can’t doing anything fun these days!!! jk. just being dramatic.

Pursing your lips to put on lipstick or to make the bubble lips in pictures is giving you wrinkles around your lips. These types of wrinkles are usually referred to as “smoker wrinkles” because of how smokers purse their lips around the cigarette. If you can picture that in your mind then you know that exact wrinkles I’m talking about.

Say cheese!

After all this talk about trying to prevent wrinkles, there are certain wrinkles which are a good thing to have….anyone want to take a guess?

smiling wrinkles (:

Yes, smiling does give you wrinkles but those wrinkles I’d never want to get rid of….






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