I am a 5′ 2″, blue eyed, blonde girl! I am 22 years old and am currently studying marketing at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I was a nursing major for three years when I decided to make this 360 degree change. My favorite colors to wear are blue, pink, gray, and black. I am definitely a summer girl and you can always find me at a coffee shop or working on my social media accounts on my front porch. Home for me is in Pittsburgh, PA and I am a huge Penguins fan!(: Anyone else?!


Pictured above are three of my favorite people in the whole word! My siblings. I have been blessed with some of the most amazing people, but these three sure are the cherry topping. My sisters live in South Carolina and my brother lives in Pittsburgh as well. I am the baby, and I mean baby baby. My sisters are 35 and 34 and my brother is 30..and like previously stated, I’m 22. Funny enough, my sisters and I commonly get mistaken as triplets!!

I love them.


Let me introduce you to the most amazing, caring, loving, and spoiling man out there. My boyfriend! Not sure how I got so lucky. Mark is a college graduate and I am still stuck in school (boo). We now have a long distance relationship and we push through it everyday! We couldn’t be more different but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s crazy how God brings the least likely people together.

The biggest thing we disagree on is air-conditioning vs. windows in the car. I prefer the windows down and he like them up! Since he drives most of the time I usually lose the fight… because he puts the child lock on me!! (LOL). Gotta love him. (;

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Here is the most important girl. This is my best friend, Beach! Followers, she has been in my life for 13 years. To put it in perspective, I’ve had her since I was only 9 years old!! We do everything together (: She is a female boxer with the biggest heart. She’s actually considered the “neighborhood dog”. She is boarder trained, so she doesn’t leave the yard. So, neighbors of all ages stop by everyday to play with her and give her treats. Come on people, how sweet is that?! Find yourself a best friend like Miss Beach and you’ll be one happy person.


These are just a few things about me! But I promise, there is a lot to tell. If you guys have any questions about anything or are craving for me to create a post on certain topic, let me know!